EBRDK250424 – coupon международные облигации XS1982112069 of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Current coupon rate, % APR: 0.500
Days to maturity: 1,680
Circulation period: 04/25/19 – 04/25/24
Date/Period Bid Offer Last W-aver High Low Trades Bonds m. KZT th. USD
08/25/19 0 0 0.00
08/22/19 0 0 0.00
From 05/13/19 0 0 0.00


Trading codeEBRDK250424
List of securitiesofficial, category "international financial organizations securities"
System of quotationgross price
Unit of quotationnominal value percentage fraction
Quotation currencyKZT
Quotation accuracy4 characters
Trade lists admission date04/25/19
Trade opening date05/13/19
Bond's nameindexed coupon международные облигации
Current coupon rate, % APR0.500
Currency of issue and serviceKZT
Nominal value in issue's currency1,000 (the minimum size of the debt in nominal terms available for trading on KASE)
Number of registered bonds60,000,000
Issue volume, KZT60,000,000,000
Number of bonds outstanding60,000,000
Indexation methodanother
Coupon rate typeиндексированная by inflation
Minimal possible rate value, % APR0.000
Fixed margin, % APR1.000
Settlement basis (days in month / days in year)actual / 360
Date of circulation start04/25/19
Circulation term, years5
Number of days till nearest coupon payment61
Registry fixation date of the nearest coupon payment10/10/19
Date of the next coupon payment10/25/19
Coupon payment scheduleview schedule
Principal repayment period04/25/24 –
Underwriter or emission consortium"Tengri Capital MB" JSC
RegistrarClearstream, Luxembourg

Instruments of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development included into trade lists

Trade code NIN or ISIN Board Sector Category Trades Index
EBRDK150525XS1982112572mixinternational financial organizations securities05/31/19
EBRDK151221XS1535796368mixinternational financial organizations securitiesno trade
EBRDK180727XS2027948582mixinternational financial organizations securities07/26/19
EBRDK210626XS2012983693mixinternational financial organizations securities07/09/19
EBRDK211121XS1522918256mixinternational financial organizations securitiesno trade
EBRDK250424XS1982112069mixinternational financial organizations securities05/13/19
EBRDK280226XS1957561555mixinternational financial organizations securities03/11/19
EBRDU050520US29874QDC50mixinternational financial organizations securities04/26/19

EBRDK250424 bonds emitter information

Short nameEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ContactsUnited Kingdom, EC2A 2JN London, One Exchange Square, EBRD
+44 20 7338 6000
Primary activitybanking

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