Kcell JSC (KCEL)

Capitalization: the total market value of shares of the company – KZT437,508.00 m. ($1,122.0 m.)
Contacts: 2g Timiryazev st., Almaty, 050013, Republic of Kazakhstan;
Phone: (727) 258 27 55;
Fax: (727) 258 27 63
Web site: http://www.kcell.kz/
E-mail: investor.relations@kcell.kz
Main activity:mobile operator
Chief Executive Officer:Chairman of the Management Board Kaspars Kukelis
Credit ratings*:Fitch Ratings: http://www.fitchratings.com

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maindebt securitiesоблигации02/21/18

Shareholders as of 10/01/19 ( ← previous extract)

Shareholder Common shares Preferred
Total shares
number shareholding number shareholding
Kazakhtelecom JSC 150,000,000 75.00 150,000,000 75.00
Raiffeisenbank JSC (nominee holder) 24,494,606 12.25 24,494,606 12.25
Authorized ordinary shares, pieces200,000,000
Authorized preferred shares, pieces
Issued ordinary shares, pieces200,000,000
Issued preferred shares, pieces
Treasury ordinary shares, pieces
Treasury preferred shares, pieces
Outstanding ordinary shares, pieces200,000,000
Outstanding preferred shares, pieces

Financial performance

IndicatorAs of 07/01/19As of 04/01/19
Authorized capital33,800,000.00 th. KZT 33,800,000.00 th. KZT
Equity capital60,641,512.00 th. KZT58,674,482.00 th. KZT
Total assets186,709,359.00 th. KZT183,851,199.00 th. KZT
Sales volume73,049,206.00 th. KZT35,179,925.00 th. KZT
Gross revenue20,265,790.00 th. KZT11,838,471.00 th. KZT
Net income-812,377.00 th. KZT-8,751,407.00 th. KZT
Book value of common share117.30 KZT98.06 KZT


DocumentSubmission periodSubmission date
Review report on January-June 2019 consolidated financial statements08/28/1908/15/19
Y2018 annual report05/31/1905/31/19
Explanatory note to the consolidated financial statements for January-March 201905/29/1905/24/19
Y2019 January-March financial statements (consolidated)05/29/1905/24/19
Y2019 January-March financial statements (consolidated)05/29/1905/24/19
Auditors’ report on Y2018 сonsolidated financial statements05/01/1903/11/19
Review report on January-September 2018 consolidated financial statements11/28/1811/15/18
Review report on January-June 2018 consolidated financial statements08/14/1808/14/18
Y2017 annual report05/31/1805/31/18
Review report on January-March 2018 consolidated financial statements05/15/1805/14/18
Auditors’ report on Y2017 сonsolidated financial statements05/01/1802/21/18
Review report on January-September 2017 consolidated financial statements11/28/1711/17/17
Review report on January-June 2017 consolidated financial statements08/14/1708/14/17
Y2016 annual report05/31/1705/31/17
Review report on January-March 2017 consolidated financial statements05/15/1705/15/17
Auditors’ report on Y2016 сonsolidated financial statements05/01/1702/14/17
Review report on January-September 2016 consolidated financial statements11/15/1611/15/16
Review report on January-June 2016 consolidated financial statements08/29/1608/18/16
Review report on January-March 2016 consolidated financial statements05/27/1605/27/16
Y2015 annual report06/01/1605/03/16
Submitted earlier:
  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012
Auditors’ report on Y2015 сonsolidated financial statements05/01/1602/25/16
Review report on January-September 2015 consolidated financial statements11/15/1511/15/15
Review report on January-June 2015 consolidated financial statements08/15/1508/14/15
Review report on January-March 2015 consolidated financial statements05/29/1505/25/15
Annual report of Kcell JSC for 2014 published06/01/1504/30/15
Auditor's report on сonsolidated financial statements of Kcell JSC for 2014 published05/01/1504/30/15
Y2014 annual report06/01/1504/30/15
Annual Report for 201401/29/15
Explanatory note to the consolidated financial statements for January-September 201412/15/14
Y2014 January-September financial statements (consolidated)12/15/14
Y2014 January-September financial statements (consolidated)12/15/14
Report on review of the consolidated financial information for 6 months of 201408/29/1408/29/14
Y2014 January-March financial statements (consolidated)05/29/1405/28/14
Y2014 January-March financial statements (consolidated)05/29/1405/28/14
Explanatory note to the consolidated financial statements for January–March 201405/29/1405/28/14
Auditors’ report on сonsolidated financial statements for 2013 year 05/01/1404/30/14
Annual Report for 201305/01/1404/30/14
Explanatory note to Y2013 January–September сonsolidated financial statements 11/29/1311/28/13
Y2013 January–September financial statements (consolidated) 11/29/1311/20/13
Report on review of the consolidated financial information for 6 months of 201308/15/1308/15/13
Explanatory note to Q1 2013 сonsolidated financial statements05/30/1305/31/13
Financial statements for Q1 2013 (сonsolidated)05/30/1305/31/13
Auditors’ report on сonsolidated financial statements for 2012 year05/01/1305/24/13
Annual Report 201205/02/13
Report on review of consolidated financial statements for 9 months of 201211/29/12
Report on review of consolidated financial statements for 6 months of 201210/19/12
Auditor's report on consolidated financial statements for 2011, 2010, 200910/19/12
DocumentSubmission date
Interim Report January - September 201910/17/19
Kcell JSC pays the annual dividend for 201808/08/19
Kcell JSC signs credit agreement with Bank of China Kazakhstan07/30/19
Q2 2019 Financial results07/26/19
Election of Chairman and members of Management Board of Kcell JSC06/20/19
Additional agreement with Subsidiary Bank Alfa Bank JSC06/07/19
Kcell JSC announces results of 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders05/31/19
Kcell obtains KZT 10 billion loan from Halyk Bank JSC05/15/19
Appointment of Chief Financial Officer04/30/19
Composition of Board of Directors committees04/29/19
Update on notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Kcell JSC04/29/19
Q1 2019 Financial results04/26/19
Information about upcoming conducting May 29, 2019 Annual General Meeting of shareholders04/18/19
Termination of network sharing agreement with Kar-Tel LLP04/15/19
Proposed dividend for the FY 201803/15/19
Information on changes to loan agreement with Eurasian Development Bank03/14/19
Q4 and 2018 Year-end Report03/11/19
Credit agreement with Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)02/05/19
Appointment of new Chief Executive01/29/19
Kcell JSC announces results of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 01/25/19
Y2019 Corporate events calendar01/09/19
Appointment of new Chief Executive Officer12/24/18
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Kcell JSC 12/21/18
Statement regarding acquisition of Telia Company’s holdings in Kcell by Kazakhtelecom JSC12/12/18
Q3 2018 Financial results 10/19/18
Kcell JSC announced about payment of dividends for 2017 08/22/18
Kcell JSC Q2 2018 Financial results07/20/18
Kcell faces unsubstantiated copyright claims06/12/18
The AGM of Kcell elects a new Board member06/01/18
Kcell JSC announces results of 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 06/01/18
Directorate Change04/23/18
Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Kcell JSC04/23/18
Kcell JSC Results for January – March 201804/20/18
Kcell announces extension of credit facility with Eurasian Development Bank02/12/18
Kcell JSC Results for January – December 201701/26/18
Kcell places KZT5bn in 3-year bonds on KASE01/18/18
Conference Call and Year-end Report January-December 201701/17/18
Y2018 Corporate events calendar01/09/18
Fitch Rates Kcell's Proposed Domestic Bond 'BB(EXP)'12/26/17
Results for January – September 201710/19/17
Kcell announces appointment of new Finance Director08/21/17
Interim Results for January-June 201707/20/17
Kcell JSC announces results of 2017 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders05/26/17
Kcell JSC announced about interim results Jan-March 2017 04/26/17
Kcell JSC announced about announcement of its interim results for January – March 2017 04/20/17
Results for January – December 201601/27/17
Y2017 Corporate events calendar01/13/17
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  • 2013
  • 2012
Kcell informs of a short-term loan from SB Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC11/22/16
Q3 2016 Interim Report10/21/16
Kcell launches 4G/LTE network in Kazakhstan08/31/16
Kcell and Beeline Kazakhstan sign 4G/LTE network sharing agreement08/31/16
Kcell JSC Q1 2016 Interim Report04/20/16
Kcell JSC announced about interim results for Jan-Mar 2016 04/20/16
Year-end Report January-December 201501/29/16
Kcell JSC results for January – September 201510/20/15
Kcell JSC announced about announces change to its Board of Directors 09/02/15
Kcell JSC announced about interim report for January-June 2015 07/17/15
Kcell JSC announced about proposed dividend for the FY 2014 03/18/15
Kcell JSC announced about the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 03/17/15
Kcell JSC announced about openning of its first branded store in Almaty 03/16/15
Kcell JSC announced about changes in management 09/15/14
Interim Results for January – June 201407/17/14
Results of 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Kcell JSC 05/26/14
Changes in composition of the Board of Directors05/13/14
Annual Report 201305/05/14
Proposed Dividends for the FY 201305/04/14
Kcell JSC announced about administrative sanctions imposed on the Company and its official 04/21/14
Information on administrative sanctions imposed on Kcell JSC and its official04/09/14
Information for shareholders and investors03/11/14
Information on administrative liability imposed on Kcell JSC03/11/14
Information about bringing Kcell JSC to administrative responsibility02/24/14
Management change02/17/14
Kcell Appoints Kaspars Kukelis as Chief Commercial Officer02/17/14
Notice of receipt by Kcell JSC of license for development and implementation of facilities for cryptographic protection of information02/10/14
Year-end Report January-December 201301/30/14
Y2014 Corporate events calendar01/13/14
Year-end Report January-December 201301/24/14
Comment of Kcell JSC01/23/14
Kcell JSC appoints internal audit manager and internal auditor12/18/13
Information about holding the official of Kcell JSC in Pavlodar liable for administrative offence10/21/13
Information about holding the official of Kcell JSC in East Kazakhstan region liable for administrative offence10/21/13
Kcell JSC Results for January – September 201310/17/13
Kcell announces results of its AGM05/30/13
Calendar of corporate events for Y201301/11/13
Ali Agan appointed Chief Executive Officer of Kcell05/22/13
Kcell’s Board of Directors Sets the Date of JSC Kcell’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders04/26/13
Kcell says Halyk Finance received The Best IPO and the Best GDR program awards from international magazine EMEA Finance03/05/13
Kcell receives opinion of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Transport and Communication on lowering of margin prices03/05/13
Results for the fourth quarter and financial year ended December 31, 2012.02/01/13
PRICING NOTIFICATION 12 December 201212/12/12
New Board of Directors of Kcell11/29/12
Kcell Announces Price Range for Initial Public Offering11/29/12
Kcell announces intention to proceed with international offering in London and Almaty11/19/12
Corporate Events Calendar for 201210/22/12

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