"North Caspian Petroleum" JSC (NCPR)

Contacts: 117b, Кulmanov B. str., Atyrau 060011, Atyrau distr., Republic of Kazakhstan;
Phone: (7122) 20 21 91;
E-mail: kence@northcaspianpetroleum.kz
Main activity:the study of the subsoil, the search and exploration of oil, gas and water
Chief Executive Officer:General director Liu Wei

Instruments of "North Caspian Petroleum" JSC included into trade lists

Trade code NIN or ISIN Board Sector Category Trades Index

Shareholders as of 07/01/19 ( ← previous extract)

Shareholder Common shares Preferred
Total shares
number shareholding number shareholding
AFFLUENCE ENERGY HOLDING S.A.R.L. 7,800,000 65.15 7,800,000 65.00
S.Nurlakov 720,000 6.01 720,000 6.00
A.Samohvalov 1,188,734 9.93 1,188,734 9.91
M.Safin 1,783,102 14.89 16,860 1,799,962 15.00
Authorized ordinary shares, pieces11,971,836
Authorized preferred shares, pieces28,164
Issued ordinary shares, pieces11,971,836
Issued preferred shares, pieces28,164
Treasury ordinary shares, pieces
Treasury preferred shares, pieces
Outstanding ordinary shares, pieces11,971,836
Outstanding preferred shares, pieces28,164

Financial performance

IndicatorAs of 07/01/19As of 04/01/19
Authorized capital6,000,000.00 th. KZT 6,000,000.00 th. KZT
Equity capital-4,304,455.00 th. KZT-2,321,207.00 th. KZT
Total assets11,511,554.00 th. KZT13,070,445.00 th. KZT
Gross revenue-84,268.00 th. KZT
Net income-398,187.00 th. KZT-84,268.00 th. KZT
Book value of common share-359,548.00 KZT-193.89 KZT
Book value of preferred share500.00 KZT500.00 KZT


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