Credit association ORDA credit LLP (ORDK)

The issuer defaulted on coupon bonds ORDKb2.

Contacts: 47 G. Ilaev st., Shymkent, 160011, Republic of Kazakhstan;
Phone: (7252) 54 53 34, 53 99 28;
Fax: (7252) 53 99 28
Main activity:transfer operations (execution of payment orders and money transfers), loan operations (granting of loans to Company participants, collection of Company participants' payment documents (excluding promissory notes), opening and confirmation of letters of credit, execution of obligations on them), safe operations, leasing activity, opening and maintenance of Company participants' bank accounts, issue of warranties, bails and other obligations, factoring operations (purchase of rights on payment demand from Company participant, purchaser of goods (works, services) with assumption of non-payment risk), cash transactions
Chief Executive Officer:Chairman of the Management Board Diana Sorochenko

This issuer's securities are not listed on the exchange now

Financial performance

IndicatorAs of 10/01/17As of 07/01/17
Authorized capital398,230.00 th. KZT 552,428.00 th. KZT
Equity capital821,554.00 th. KZT2,544,944.00 th. KZT
Total assets3,045,455.00 th. KZT10,241,347.00 th. KZT
Sales volume969,582.00 th. KZT1,106,478.00 th. KZT
Gross revenue-409,453.00 th. KZT554,233.00 th. KZT
Net income-288,716.00 th. KZT115,032.00 th. KZT


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