Fincraft Resources JSC (SATC)

The issuer defaulted on coupon bonds SATCb1, As of July 15, 15 the debt fully repaid.

Capitalization: the total market value of shares of the company – KZT32,258.99 m. ($83.0 m.)
Contacts: 16, 77/2 Al-Farabi st., Almaty, A15E3H2, Republic of Kazakhstan;
Phone: (727) 277 71 11;
Fax: (727) 277 71 00
Web site:
Main activity:wholesale of oil products, petrochemistry, metal processing, air transportation and investments in the fastest developing sectors: construction, oil trading, oil and gas engineering, metallurgy, petrochemistry and transport
Chief Executive Officer:Chairman of the Management Board Idrisov Erlan

Instruments of Fincraft Resources JSC included into trade lists

Trade code NIN or ISIN Board Sector Category Trades Index
alternativedebt securitiesbonds01/16/08
alternativedebt securitiesbonds10/16/12

Shareholders as of 10/01/19 ( ← previous extract)

Shareholder Common shares Preferred
Total shares
number shareholding number shareholding
K.Rakishev 12,560,928,493 97.85 129,660,669 12,690,589,162 95.85
Authorized ordinary shares, pieces30,000,000,000
Authorized preferred shares, pieces750,000,000
Issued ordinary shares, pieces12,846,773,954
Issued preferred shares, pieces392,649,871
Treasury ordinary shares, pieces10,445,774
Treasury preferred shares, pieces
Outstanding ordinary shares, pieces12,836,328,180
Outstanding preferred shares, pieces392,649,871

Financial performance

IndicatorAs of 10/01/19As of 07/01/19
Authorized capital29,163,418.00 th. KZT 29,163,418.00 th. KZT
Equity capital20,912,548.00 th. KZT19,255,188.00 th. KZT
Total assets54,661,271.00 th. KZT58,196,347.00 th. KZT
Sales volume55,096.00 th. KZT8,705.00 th. KZT
Gross revenue48,451.00 th. KZT4,808.00 th. KZT
Net income3,087,115.00 th. KZT1,429,754.00 th. KZT
Book value of common share0.84 KZT0.69 KZT
Book value of preferred share31.28 KZT32.03 KZT


DocumentSubmission periodSubmission date
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Auditors’ report on Y2013 сonsolidated financial statements 07/14/1407/10/14
Y2014 January-March financial statements (consolidated)05/15/1405/21/14
Y2014 January-March financial statements (consolidated)05/15/1405/21/14
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Y2013 January–September financial statements (consolidated) 11/29/1311/26/13
Auditors’ report on сonsolidated financial statements for 2012 year07/12/1309/12/13
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Auditor's report complied as of December 31 of 2010 (consolidated)07/01/1107/27/11

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