June 2–3, IRBIS Agency (Kazakhstan) Implemented the Workshop for KASE Website Users

The Information Agency of Financial Markets IRBIS (Almaty) – the main content-provider of the official representation in the Internet network of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE, http://www.kase.kz/) – implemented the workshop, devoted to opportunities of this information resource.

The workshop was held on June 2 and 3, 2003, from 15:00 to 18:00 at the conference hall of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange CJSC (KASE). The first day – the demonstration and lecturing, the second – the round table, questions and answers.

The necessity of the workshop implementation resulted from the large number of questions, daily asked by the site users. Considering the resource complexity and its large information capacity, occurrence of such questions is logical.

At organized by the Information Agency of Financial Markets IRBIS workshop, the site ideologist and designer familiarized participants with all server resources, made recommendations, showed undocumented site capacities, significantly expanding its application. Under the workshop were considered open and closed (paid) site sections, possibility of getting the paid information when working with open sections. Also, was discussed the work with graphics, site data bases, context serach.

During the workshop participants got an opportunity to express their opinions and proposals on one or another site sections, which will be considered in the resource version.

Eight representatives of various organizations, such as pensions assets management companies, brokerage and dealing companies, insurance companies, the mass media, participated in the workshop.

As the workshop speaker acted Andrey Tsalyuk - Head of department of Information and Analysis of KASE, General Director of the Information Agency of Financial Markets IRBIS.

More detailed information on the workshop is available by telephone (3272) 720503, 720117 or е-mail: otk@kase.kz, dauren@kase.kz.