KOK024_048 – coupon облигации of Akimat of Kyzylorda region nominal value percentage fraction clean price

Current coupon rate, % APR: 0.350
Days to maturity: 557.00
Circulation period: 04/10/19 – 04/10/21
Date/Period Bid Offer Last W-aver High Low Trades Bonds m. KZT th. USD
09/23/19 (17:00) 0 0 0.00
09/20/19 0 0 0.00
From 04/11/19 0 0 0.00

3 y. 1 y. 6 mon. 3 mon. 2 mon. 1 mon. 1 week From date   back:


Trading codeKOK024_048
List of securitiesofficial
System of quotationclean price
Unit of quotationnominal value percentage fraction
Quotation currencyKZT
Quotation accuracy4 characters
Trade lists admission date04/08/19
Trade opening date04/11/19
Bond's nameсреднесрочные долговые ценные бумаги местного исполнительного органа
Current coupon rate, % APR0.350
Currency of issue and serviceKZT
Nominal value in issue's currency1,000.00
Number of registered bonds5,206,155
Number of bonds outstanding5,206,155
Issue volume, KZT5,206,155,000
Settlement basis (days in month / days in year)30 / 360
Date of circulation start04/10/19
Circulation term, years2
Number of days till nearest coupon payment17
Registry fixation date of the nearest coupon payment10/10/19
Date of the next coupon payment10/10/19
Coupon payment scheduleview schedule
Register fixation date at maturity04/10/21
Principal repayment date04/10/21
RegistrarCentral securities depository JSC (Almaty)

Instruments of Akimat of Kyzylorda region included into trade lists

Trade code NIN or ISIN Board Sector Trades
KOK024_048KZMJ00000487government securities 04/11/19
Trade code NIN or ISIN Board Sector Trades
KOK024_060KZMJKY020608 (KZMJ00000305)government securities 05/17/18

KOK024_048 bonds emitter information

Short nameAkimat of Kyzylorda region
ContactsRepublic of Kazakhstan, 120003, Kyzylorda, Sultan Beibarys str., 1
+7 (7242) 40 11 91
Primary activityin accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan