Clearing partcipants

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Name of clearing participant License: Status:
number date of issuance assignment suspension renewal withdrawal
"Al Hilal" Islamic Bank joint stock company1.1.26110.06.1506.04.16
"First Heartland Jusan Bank" joint stock company1.2.35/225/3706.05.1926.06.15
ATFBank joint stock company1.2.55/233/3903.04.1823.02.18
Affiliated bank "Bank of China Kazakhstan" Joint Stock Company 1.1.18121.05.1323.07.12
Alibi Securities joint stock company040120141320.02.0704.10.16
Altyn Bank joint stock company (Subsidiary bank of China Citic Bank Corporation Limited)1.2.23/194/3307.11.1623.07.12
AsiaCredit Bank joint stock company 1.2.75/8320.02.1523.07.12
Bank Bank RBK joint stock company1.2.56/23414.08.1823.07.12
Bank CenterCredit joint stock company1.2.25/195/3428.01.1523.07.12
Bank Kassa Nova joint stock company1.1.26010.06.1128.01.16
CAIFC INVESTMENT GROUP joint stock company4.3.1026.12.1825.08.15
Capital Bank Kazakhstan joint stock company1.1.918.09.1402.02.16
Centras Securities joint stock company040320022313.06.1426.06.15
Citibank Kazakhstan joint stock company1.2.247/81/3016.10.0923.07.1213.09.1325.09.13
Development Bank of Kazakhstan joint stock company25330.10.0323.07.12
Eurasia Capital joint stock company4.2.206/10325.06.1426.11.15
Eurasian Bank joint stock company23728.12.0723.07.12
Eurasian Development Bank 09.02.17
Fincraft Investment House joint stock company3.2.232/1113.11.1816.07.15
First Heartland Bank joint stock company1.2.43/22719.01.1823.07.12
First Heartland Jýsan Invest joint stock company3.2.239/1611.06.1914.08.15
First Heartland Securities Joint Stock Company3.1.1.22427.03.1803.08.15
ForteBank joint stock company1.2.29/197/3627.02.1523.07.12
Freedom Finance Limited Liability Company Investment Company 045-13564-01000019.05.1121.05.18
Freedom Finance joint stock company4.3.1204.04.1926.06.15
Halyk savings bank of Kazakhstan joint stock company1.2.47/230/38/108.11.1623.07.12
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Almaty) joint stock company1.1.3723.02.1609.09.15
Interstate Bank02.02.17
Investment House "Astana-Invest" joint stock company3.2.228/626.09.1626.06.15
Kaspi Bank joint stock company1.2.245/6130.06.0913.07.18
Kazpost joint stock company4.3.1110.01.1926.11.15
Management Company ORDA Capital joint stock company3.2.240/1720.06.1902.07.15
NGDEM Finance joint stock company3.2.199/11431.05.1701.06.17
NURBANK joint stock company 1.2.15/19328.10.1423.07.12
Private Asset Management joint stock company4.2.92/21718.06.1414.08.15
RESMI Finance & Investment House joint stock company040120126405.10.0626.06.15
SkyBridge Invest joint stock company 4.2.192/11320.07.1626.01.16
State Institution National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan03.08.15
Subsidiary Bank "Home Credit and Finance Bank" joint stock company1.2.36/4011.01.1607.11.12
Subsidiary Bank Alfa-Bank joint stock company 1.2.61/23711.09.1823.07.12
Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia joint stock company1.2.199/93/3123.12.1423.07.12
Subsidiary Organization VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) joint stock company1.2.14/3916.04.1923.07.12
Subsidiary Organization of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan "Halyk Finance" joint stock company3.2.229/704.11.1623.07.12
Subsidiary of Bank CenterCredit JSC - BCC Invest joint stock company3.2.235/1210.07.1826.06.15
Subsidiary of Kazkommertsbank JSC - Kazkommerts Securities joint stock company3.2.236/1317.07.1802.07.15
Subsidiary of Nurbank JSC - MONEY EXPERTS joint stock company040320072701.07.1424.11.15
Tengri Bank joint stock company1.2.53/4314.12.1729.10.15
Tengri Capital MB joint stock company3.2.231/925.01.1709.12.1528.12.15
UNIVER Investment Group limited liability compnay045-12895-10000002.02.1011.04.17
Total partcipants – 50