Clearing partcipants

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Name of clearing participant License: Status:
number date of issuance assignment suspension renewal withdrawal
"Al Hilal" Islamic Bank joint stock company1.1.26110.06.1506.04.16
"Bank Kassa Nova" Joint Stock Company (Subsidiary Bank of Joint Stock Company "ForteBank")1.1.26019.07.1928.01.16
"First Heartland Jusan Bank" joint stock company1.2.35/225/3729.08.1926.06.15
ATFBank joint stock company1.2.55/233/3903.04.1823.07.12
Affiliated bank "Bank of China Kazakhstan" Joint Stock Company 1.1.18121.05.1323.07.12
Alibi Securities joint stock company040120141320.02.0704.10.16
Altyn Bank joint stock company (Subsidiary bank of China Citic Bank Corporation Limited)1.2.23/194/3307.11.1623.07.12
AsiaCredit Bank joint stock company 1.2.75/8320.02.1521.07.17
Bank Bank RBK joint stock company1.2.56/23414.08.1823.07.12
Bank CenterCredit joint stock company1.2.25/195/3428.01.1523.07.12
CAIFC INVESTMENT GROUP joint stock company4.3.1026.12.1825.08.15
Capital Bank Kazakhstan joint stock company1.1.918.09.1402.02.16
Centras Securities joint stock company040320022313.06.1423.07.12
Citibank Kazakhstan joint stock company1.2.247/81/3016.10.0923.07.1213.09.1325.09.13
Development Bank of Kazakhstan joint stock company25330.10.0323.07.12
Eurasia Capital joint stock company4.2.206/10325.06.1419.05.17
Eurasian Bank joint stock company23728.12.0723.07.12
Eurasian Development Bank 23.07.12
Fincraft Investment House joint stock company3.2.232/1121.08.1916.07.15
First Heartland Jýsan Invest joint stock company3.2.239/1611.06.1919.04.18
First Heartland Securities Joint Stock Company3.1.1.22427.03.1803.08.15
ForteBank joint stock company1.2.29/197/3627.02.1523.07.12
Freedom Finance Limited Liability Company Investment Company 045-13564-01000019.05.1121.05.18
Freedom Finance joint stock company4.3.1204.04.1926.06.15
Halyk savings bank of Kazakhstan joint stock company1.2.47/230/38/108.11.1623.07.12
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Almaty) joint stock company1.1.3723.02.1609.09.15
Interstate Bank02.02.17
Investment House "Astana-Invest" joint stock company3.2.228/626.09.1626.06.15
Kaspi Bank joint stock company1.2.245/6130.06.0923.07.12
Kazpost joint stock company4.3.1110.01.1907.10.19
Management Company ORDA Capital joint stock company3.2.240/1720.06.1902.07.15
NGDEM Finance joint stock company3.2.199/11431.05.1701.06.17
NURBANK joint stock company 1.2.15/19328.10.1423.07.12
Private Asset Management joint stock company4.2.92/21718.06.1414.08.15
RESMI Finance & Investment House joint stock company040120126405.10.0626.06.15
SkyBridge Invest joint stock company 4.2.192/11320.07.1626.01.16
State Institution National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan03.08.15
Subsidiary Bank "Home Credit and Finance Bank" joint stock company1.2.36/4011.01.1607.11.12
Subsidiary Bank Alfa-Bank joint stock company 1.2.61/23711.09.1823.07.12
Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia joint stock company1.2.199/93/3123.12.1423.07.12
Subsidiary Organization VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) joint stock company1.2.14/3916.04.1923.07.12
Subsidiary Organization of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan "Halyk Finance" joint stock company3.2.229/704.11.1623.07.12
Subsidiary of Bank CenterCredit JSC - BCC Invest joint stock company3.2.235/1210.07.1826.06.15
Subsidiary of Kazkommertsbank JSC - Kazkommerts Securities joint stock company3.2.236/1317.07.1802.07.15
Subsidiary of Nurbank JSC - MONEY EXPERTS joint stock company040320072701.07.1424.11.15
Tengri Bank joint stock company1.2.53/4314.12.1729.10.15
Tengri Partners Investment Banking (Kazakhstan) joint stock company3.2.231/901.10.1910.01.17
UNIVER Investment Group limited liability compnay045-12895-10000002.02.1011.04.17
Total partcipants – 49