KZ1C50650015 issue common shares of CNPC - Ai Dan Munay JSC (Kazakhstan) were excluded from KASE's official "B" listing category by initiative of the issuer
/KASE, June 28, 06/ - By decision of Stock exchange's council of
Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) since June 28, 2006 KZ1C50650015
issue common shares of CNPC - AI DAN MUNAY JSC (Kyzylorda,
hereinafter - Company) have been excluded from KASE's official "B"
listing category.

This decision was taken in accordance with subparagraph 2) of paragraph 1
of Article 20 of Listing Regulation on the basis of Company's letter dated
June 5, 2006 #682/05 with request of exclusion of its common shares from
KASE's official list.

As noted in conclusion of Listing commission the exclusion of common
shares of Company from KASE's official list would not bring to infringement
upon investor's rights and professional participants of securities, as the only
shareholder of Company appeared to be Chinese national corporation on
development of oil and gas (Peking, CPR).

The information that Company is not planning to make any transactions with
specified shares is contained in the aforementioned letter.

Common shares of Company were included into KASE's official "В" listing
category on May 13 of 2004 under code of ADNM. Trades in them on KASE
have not been opened. As repo subject on KASE those shares were not used.

Primary activity of Company is making oil and gas operations in the territory
of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including exploration and boring, output,
preparation and treatment, transportation and storage, marketing and trade,
export of hydrocarbons and products of their treatment.