KASE sets limits and rates of concentration on shares traded according to T+2 scheme and discount rates for repo market for the period from July 15 to August 14, 2019
/KASE, July 15, 2019/ – Market Risk Committee of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) 
in accordance with the internal document of KASE "Methodology for Calculating Risk 
Parameters of Financial Instruments" has set the values of limits and concentration 
rates for shares traded under the scheme T+2, as well as discounts equal to the 
concentration rates on the repo transactions market, which will be effective from 
July 15 to August 14, 2019 for the following shares:

   No.    Share code     ISIN                     Limit        Rate        
item No.                          of concentration, pcs of concentration, %
--------- ---------- ------------ --------------------- -------------------
    1     CCBN       KZ0007786572                27,034         30         
    2     GB_KZMS    GB00B0HZPV38             2,178,171         30         
    3     GB_NTRM    GB00BGP6Q951               219,149         30         
    4     HSBK       KZ000A0LE0S4               166,726         30         
    5     IE_FXBF    IE00BG0C3K84                 3,256         30         
    6     KCEL       KZ1C00000876                67,501         30         
    7     KEGC       KZ1C00000959                15,409         30         
    8     KZAP       KZ1C00001619                 1,265         30         
    9     KZTK       KZ0009093241                13,021         30         
   10     KZTKp      KZ0009094645                   106         30         
   11     KZTO       KZ1C00000744                20,924         30         
   12     RU_AFLT    RU0009062285             5,032,826         30         
   13     RU_GAZP    RU0007661625            29,481,049         30         
   14     RU_SBER    RU0009029540            68,050,482         30         
   15     US_BAC_    US0605051046                   268         30         
   16     KZAPd_USD  US63253R2013                37,298         30         

These limits and rates of concentration  have been calculated for the purpose of
applying concentration rates to calculate a single limit on the stock market, 
including repo transactions with netting, as well as using the discounting of the  
market price of a share to calculate the opening price of direct repo or automatic  
repo transactions, if the open position of one of participants of trading in a 
particular share exceeds the limit of concentration at the beginning of the 
trading  day set for a security of this denomination.

The values of the risk parameters for the instruments of the stock market, for
the deals with which KASE carries out the clearing activity, are published at 

Rules for Repo Transactions Execution  are available at 

The Specification of the Automatic Repo Market is available at