Kazakhstan's Ministry of Finance raised KZT9.8 bn on KASE by selling the second issue of MEUKAM-240 (KZKD00000741) with YTM of 8.70 % APR on September 16
/KASE, September 16, 2019/ – A repeated special trading session for the offering
government long-term treasury bonds of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of 
Kazakhstan (MEUKAM) was held in Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) trading system 
today. Below are parameters of the bid and results of the special trading session.

BID PARAMETERS:                                                                 
--------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Number of participants:                                   1                     
Number of orders submitted (all / active):                1 / 1                 
– limit:                                                  1 / 1                 
– market:                                                 0                     
Volume of active orders*, mln tenge:                      9,759.5               
– limit:                                                  9,759.5               
– market:                                                 0                     
Bid to ask, %:                                            100.0                 
"Clean" price on orders submitted, % of                   94.8153               
face value (on all / on active ones):                                           
Yield on orders submitted, % APR                          8.7000                
(on all / on active ones):                                                      
* active orders – orders not annulled by trade participants at expiry of order  
submission period including those confirmed by Confirmation System participants.

OFFERING RESULTS:                                                  
--------------------------------------------------- ---------------
Volume of orders executed, bonds:                   10,000,000     
Volume of orders executed, tenge:                   9,759,496,666.7
Number of orders executed:                          1              
Number of participants, whose orders were executed: 1              
Volume of orders executed, % of plan:               100.0          
"Clean" price in orders executed, % of face value:  94.8153        
Yield of bonds to maturity for buyer, % APR:        8.7000         

According to Central Securities Depository (Almaty), deals on offering of the 
second issue of MEUKAM-240 (KZKD00000741) by the end of settlement of trade 
results were executed.

OFFERING TERMS:                                                    
----------------------------------- -------------------------------
Trade date:                         September 16, 2019             
Current maturity:                   14.7 years (5,276 days)        
Declared placement volume, mln KZT: 10,000.0                       
Trade subject:                      "clean" price                  
Market order acceptance ratio, %:   70                             
Order submission method:            closed                         
Order collection time:              09:00–11:00                    
Order confirmation time:            09:00–11:30 (Т+0)              
Striking time:                      until 15:00 (Т+0)              
Payment date and time:              September 16, 2019, 15:00 (Т+0)
xecution metho
:             at cut-off price               
Limit order execution way:          pro rata to amounts            
                                    of offset orders               
Trading system sector:              MEKAM_ST1                      
Trading system group:               MEUKAM_240                     

Taking into account the earlier offering, the total amount of the second issue
of MEUKAM-240 (KZKD00000741) made up 369,250,000 bonds with the total face value 
of KZT369,250,000,000.00.

MEUKAM sold by the Ministry of Finance are automatically admitted to circulation 
on KASE secondary market under the trading code indicated in the table. At the 
same time bonds must be quoted in clean prices in KASE trading system.

The text of the Rules of issue, placement, circulation, service and maturity of 
government treasury bonds of the Republic of Kazakhstan is available on KASE 
website at http://kase.kz/files/mix/newgko.pdf

The Rules of placement of government treasury bonds of the Republic of Kazakhstan 
are available at