Ai Karaauyl provides to KASE extract from shareholders registers system as of October 1, 2019
/KASE, October 11, 2019/ – Ai Karaauyl JSC  (Almaty, hereinafter – the 
company), shares of which are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 
(KASE), has provided to KASE an extract from its shareholders registers system 
as of October 1, 2019.

According to the mentioned extract:

- the total number of authorized common shares KZ1C59710018 of the company 
  makes up 150,000 units;

- all authorized shares of the company are outstanding;

- persons each holding five or more percent of total outstanding shares of the 
  company are:
                                                                 Total stake in
                                                                total number of
                                              Common shares,      the company's
Names                                                  units  outstd. shares, %
------------------------------------------ ----------------- ------------------
IDK INVESTMENT LLP                                    81,334              54.22
IDK MINING LLP                                        31,502              21.00
Ordabasy Industrial Zone LLP                          31,502              21.00