Site guide

KASE website is the main data source covering Kazakhstan's exchange stock market

Those who facilitate purchase-sale of securities

Various information about brokers is available:
  • choosing in the main menu the items "Members" – "KASE award winners", to see the list of KASE members who performed the best in the past years (nomination "Shares market leader");
  • choosing in the main menu the items "Members" – "Activity ranking", which allows you to see the lists of the most active KASE members in various market sectors during various periods. It is necessary to choose "Equity securities" (shares) in field "Market sector".

In accordance with the Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On securities market" only professional participants of the securities market may operate on KASE, that's why a retail investor wishing to trade on KASE should use services of brokerage and dealing companies. Such companies (brokers) must hold brokerage service licenses and be KASE members.

What is available for purchase on KASE

Information on securities quoted in KASE lists is presented in section "Markets" of KASE website:
  • about shares – on page "Shares" (main menu items "Markets" – "Shares");
  • about corporate debt securities – on page "Corporate bonds" ("Markets" – "Corporate bonds");
  • on government debt securities – on page "Government securities" ("Markets" – "Government securities").
The full list of securities quoted in KASE lists is available by clicking items "Instruments and issuers" of the main menu – "Instruments".

In addition, foreign currencies are traded and currency swap transactions are carried out on KASE (items of main menu "Markets" – "Foreign currencies"), as well as the repo transactions sector is operational ("Markets" – "Repo operations").

KASE is a multifaceted exchange. KASE operates trade in shares, corporate bonds and government securities, foreign currency and futures.

Shares and bonds are the main types of corporate securities. Kazakh government securities (government bonds) are issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and some local executive authorities (akimdik) of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All other (apart from bonds of international financial organizations) serial securities issue in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in with its legislation are non-government serial securities. They (except for derivative securities) are commonly referred to as corporate securities.

Whose securities are traded on KASE

The general list of issuers is available on KASE website, by clicking item "Instruments and issuers" of the main menu Special attention should be paid to companies which committed defaults (item "Instruments and issuers" of the main menu – "Corp. issuers" – "Issuers", tab "default").

Each issuer has his own page on KASE website, available by clicking the issuer name or code in the issuer list. Every such page together with the general information and contacts of the issuer contains data on his shareholders, main financial indicators, as well as links to his securities included in KASE lists, and documents (including financial statements), characterizing his operation.

If it is necessary to find a company on KASE website, part of whose name or whose former name, whose security's NIN (national identifying number) or code are known to the user, the website search feature should be used, based on known details as a search key. The search window is located in the top right-hand corner of every page of the website.

How to view information about a particular security

It is possible to access the relevant security page by:
  • launching a search across KASE website, whereas the key parameter will be represented by one the security's features (national or international number, trade code, issuer name or part of his name);
  • choosing items "Instruments and issuers" of KASE website's main menu – "Instruments" and clicking the security's code in the chosen list;
  • choosing items "Markets" of KASE website's main menu – "Shares" ("Corporate bonds" or "Government securities", depending upon the type of security) and entering the security code in field "Enter instrument code".
Also, accessing the page of the relevant security is possible through its issuer page (see above).

Each security ever included in KASE lists is assigned a separate page on KASE website containing information on the security as well as on its issuer. Such page features all information necessary for trade in the relevant security on KASE, or links to such information.

Indicators of KASE stock market available

Currently, KASE calculates the following indexes of its securities market:
  • KASE index – an indicator characterizing the development of prices of the most liquid shares included in KASE official list;
  • KASE_BY, KASE_BP, KASE_BC – a group of indexes characterizing the change in price indicators of the corporate bond market (yield to maturity, "net" and "dirty" prices), included in KASE official list.

Indicators are assigned special pages on KASE website containing all information which may be necessary to users during the trade in securities on KASE, including free index archives. to access those pages choose items "Indicators" of KASE website's main menu – "KASE index" / "Corporate bonds".

How to follow the trades

By choosing items "Trades" in the main menu – "Trades browsing", every user can individually customize parameters of viewing KASE trade in relevant instruments in real time or with a slight delay. For convenience you can choose in the same item of the main menu "Schedule & calendar" and ascertain when particular instruments are traded.

How to view KASE trade results

Information on KASE trade results are published daily in KASE news, as well as available on respective pages of KASE website (item "Markets" of the main menu – "Foreign currencies" / "Shares" / "Corporate bonds" / "Government securities" / "Repo operations" / "Derivatives").

Where to find exchange market news

Item "News and events" of KASE website's main menu provides its users with access to the open KASE news feed, as well as to the special section, which allows the follow up of KASE website development. Market overview form the Information agency of financial markets "IRBIS" in item "Trades".

KASE news covers everything going on at KASE investors and issuers need to know. Here are published:
  • changes in KASE normative base and trade mode;
  • features of new financial instruments;
  • results of the most important trades;
  • development securities lists.
In addition, KASE website is an official source on information about corporate events of listed companies, as well as other news on those companies obtained from official sources.

A KASE website user through an effective search engine has access to KASE news since December 1998.

Where to find information about KASE and normative documents of the exchange

Item "About" of the main menu provides the user with access to sections dedicated to the exchange itself, its shareholders, management, committees and commissions, as well as to other general information about KASE including the route to KASE and contacts.

A very important one is section "Rules", containing all internal KASE documents, regulating its activities, as well as texts of the most important for the exchange marketnormative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Publications on the subject of the stock market which may be interesting to the investor, and public information about important events in KASE life are available through item "News and events" of the main menu.

Possibilities of online trading on KASE

An investor can trade securities online. For that purpose the investor should make an agreement with a broker authorized to render online trading services to his clients using software of LLP.

The list of brokerage companies rendering online trading services, as well as the description of the trade methodology are available on the website of LLP, whose link is available on KASE website's main page (the banner is in the lower right-hand corner of most pages of KASE website).

All about the "Peoples' IPO"

In the top right-hand corner of the website's main page or menu item "News and events" – "People's IPO" there is general information about the program, participants, news, calendar, useful resources, as well as necessary contacts.