Distribution of KASE market data

Terms of market data distribution are regulated by KASE internal documents:

Rules of Exchange Information Dissemination
Regulations on Commercial Terms of Market Data Dissemination

KASE cooperates with the interested parties in the context of commercial distribution of financial information. As a part of its informational services KASE grants its distributors the right to distribute the following information products:

Real-time market data - data on KASE financial instruments trading, provided by continuous flow during the trading day.

This product is also available on a fee basis for subscribers willing to view KASE trades on KASE website.

End of day data - aggregated data on results of KASE trades for each financial instrument, provided at regular intervals.

Historic market data - historical data on financial intstruments trades held on KASE, provided in the format convenient for further processing.

Indices - data on market indicators values, calculated by the exchange during and/or after the trading day.

Additionally, KASE market data distributors are allowed to create and distribute derived products based on the information products received from KASE.

The fees for the listed information products are established using the discount system.

For further information, please, contact:

Phone: +7 727 237 53 22
email: info@kase.kz

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