KASE shareholders approved Y2011 audited consolidated financial statements, decided not to pay dividends for Y2011 and elected KASE Board of Directors new composition
/KASE, May 31, 12/ - Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs that on May
30, 2012 it held shareholders annual general meeting, where were made the
following main decisions.

1. Approve KASE Y2011 audited consolidated financial statements, according 
   to which:

 - the exchange equity capital increased by KZT239,343 th. or by 11.5 % to
   KZT2,328,979 th.;

 - the assets increased by KZT440,406 th. or by 19.8 % to KZT2,661,544 th.;

 - the income, if compared with Y2010, decreased by KZT33,184 th. or by
   2.9 % to KZT1,114,060 th.;

 - the expenses increased by KZT126,875 th. or by 16.3 % to KZT904,224

 - the net income decreased by 46.9 % to KZT162,145 th.

2. Approve the following order of KASE Y2011 net income:

 - do not pay dividends on KASE common shares for Y2011;

 - the Y2011 net income in the amount of KZT155,741 th. allocate for KASE

3. Approve changes and additions # 8 to KASE charter.

4. Early terminate authorities of KASE Board of Directors members based on
   KASE principal shareholders proposal.

5. Define the Board of Directors new composition in the number of 12 people
   with 2 years term of office.

6. Elect the Board of Directors new composition.


- KASE Y2011 financial statements have been consolidated with financial
  statements of KZE subsidiaries LLP Information Agency for Financial 
  Markets IRBIS and LLP eTrade.kz for the same period; LLP Delloite 
  audited KASE Y2011 financial statements;

- According to Y2011 results, KASE net income in unconsolidated financial
  statements made up KZT155,741 th., having exceeded the planned indicator
  by 53.9 %;

- changes and additions # 8 to KASE charter have been made in terms of:
  KASE name; location; the "golden share" right to put a veto upon decisions 
  of exchange bodies; the Board of Directors composition; setting the order 
  of informing the Board of Directors on deals of KASE interest; the order 
  of making decisions by KASE executive body; clarification of the executive 
  body head authorities; changes in KASE Internet site and setting the order 
  of provision to shareholders of KASE documents;

- the Board of Directors new composition is available on KASE website at