Registered changes and additions to KASE Charter
/KASE, July 16, 12/ - Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) informs its shareholders 
that Almaty City Bostandyk District Department of Justice registered changes 
and  additions # 8 to Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Charter and issued a legal 
entity  government re-registration certificate that contains the information 
of KASE new location.

The changes and additions have been approved by KASE shareholders annual
general meeting on May 30, 2012 and were made in terms of: KASE name; KASE
location; the "golden share" owner right to impose a veto on certain exchange
bodies decisions; the Exchange Board of Directors composition; the order of
bringing to notice of the Exchange Board of Directors on an information on 
deals of exchange interest, the order of making decisions by the exchange 
executive body; clarification of the executive body head authorities; change 
of exchange Internet site used for information disclosure; setting the order 
of provision by the exchange to its shareholders of certain KASE documents.

The changes and additions will be available on KASE website in the "For
Shareholders" section at