FSC NBK registered changes and additions to KASE shares issue prospectus
/KASE, December 25, 12/ - Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (hereinafter - KASE
or the Exchange) informs its shareholders that on December 20, 2012 the
Committee on Regulation and Supervision of Financial Market and Financial
Organizations of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (FSC NBK)
registered changes and additions # 1 to the Exchange shares issue

In addition, FSC NBK replaced the Exchange securities government registration 
certificate due to the change in KASE location.

The structure of KASE shares did not change. As before the Exchange has 
5 million authorized shares with the national identification number

The Exchange shares issue prospectus (including changes and additions) 
is available on KASE website section "About KASE" - "For shareholders" -
"Information for shareholders" or at