/CORRECTED/ KASE announces concluding interested party transaction
/KASE, August 25, 14, re-distributed due to correction of the deal conclusion 
date/ – On August 8, 2014 Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Board of Directors 
approved conclusion of additional agreement No. 4 to the Agreement No. 1 on 
Service of the Trade Operator dated September 5, 2011 (hereinafter – the 
Agreement) with the Central Securities Depository JSC (Almaty) as a transaction 
in which KASE has an interest.

According to the Rules of placement on the website of the depository of 
financial statements, on the website of the stock exchange – of information on 
corporate events, financial statements and auditor's reports approved by 
resolution No. 72 of the Management Board of the National Bank of the Republic 
of Kazakhstan, we inform you of the following.

1. Value of assets involved in the transaction: not applicable.

2. Date of the most recent appraisal of the assets involved in the transaction:
   not applicable.

3. Percentage ration of the value of assets involved in the transaction, to the 
   total value of assets: not applicable.

4. Main substantial terms of the transaction: for purposes of bringing in line 
   with the existing practice by the above-mentioned additional agreement 
   amendments were introduced to the Agreement.

5. Transaction conclusion date: August 19, 2014.

Central Securities Depository JSC (Almaty) in accordance with the sub-item 6 of 
item 1 of article 64 of the Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Joint-Stock 
Companies" is an affiliated party to KASE.