KASE announces concluding major transaction
/KASE, October 14, 14/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange announces concluding a 
major deal: concluding an additional agreement to the non-living spaces 
purchase-sale agreement No. 01-2011 of July 4, 2011 concluded between KASE and 
Multi-functional complex Rakhat Towers LLP.

According to the Rules of posting on the website of the financial statements 
depository, stock exchange of information on corporate events, financial 
statements and auditor's reports approved by resolution No. 72 of Management 
Board of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 24, 2012, 
we announce the following information:

1. Date of the joint-stock company's body taking a decision on concluding a 
   deal: October 9, 2014 (decision of the Exchange Board of Directors, meeting 
   minutes No. 37 of October 9, 2014).

2. Value of the underlying assets: not applicable.

3. Date of the most recent underlying assets appraisal: not applicable.

4. Percentage ratio of the underlying assets value to the total assets value:
   not applicable.

5. Main substantial terms of the deals: the land plot's area was changed from 
   1.1332 ha to 1.3782 ha.

6. Agreement conclusion date: October 13, 2014.