KASE shareholders approve revised charter of Exchange
/KASE, May 19, 15/ – As was announced earlier, following a decision of the 
annual general meeting of shareholders of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE, or 
Exchange) of May 15, 2015 the revised Charter of the Exchange was approved.

The new edition of the charter is a result of revision of the effective charter
by way of merger of all earlier amendments for purposes of updating and
bringing into compliance with the legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan on
joint-stock companies and securities market, as well as with the practice
common on the Exchange.

In the revised charter:

- the term "Exchange Council" was replaced with the term "Board of Directors";

- positions of the first executive of the Exchange and his deputies were changed 
  from "President" to "Chairman of Management Board", from "First Vice-president 
  and Vice-president" to "deputy Chairmen of Management Board";

- the sentence about participation of members of Board of Directors by way 
  of using information and/or telecommunication technologies ensuring 
  simultaneous two-way transmission, processing, conversion and presentation of 
  interactive information at distance in real time (telephone communication, 
  other types of communication) was clarified.

The Exchange charter approved by the decision of the extraordinary general 
meeting of shareholders of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (minutes No. 7 of 
November 27, 2003), was declared invalid as of May 18, 2015.

The revised text of the charter will be released on KASE website at  
http://www.kase.kz/files/for_shareholders/ustav_eng.pdf soon.