/KASE, July 3, 15/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange 
(KASE) Board of Directors as of July 1, 2015 powers of Chairman of KASE's 
Management Board Maksat Kabashev were early terminated upon his request.

Yeszhan Birtanov was elected the new Chairman of KASE's Management Board with 
a term of office of three years.

Since 1998 Y. Birtanov had worked in the National Bank of Republic of 
Kazakhstan as a leading dealer, a chief dealer, a deputy head of division, head 
of dealing transactions division of the Monetary Transactions Department, 
deputy director of the Monetary Transactions Department.

In 2012 Y. Birtanov was directly involved in establishing the "National 
investment corporation of National Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC, which he had 
headed until March 2014.

Since 2014 Y. Birtanov had worked as an advisor of the Chairman of Management 
Board of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, as well as director of the Planning 
and Budgeting Department of the National Bank.

Currently, KASE's Management Board consists of four persons: Y. Birtanov 
(Chairman), I. Sabitov (Deputy Chairman), A. Tsalyuk (Deputy Chairman), N. 
Khoroshevskaya (Deputy Chairman).