Kazakhtelecom reports initiation of a court case on a corporate dispute
/KASE, July 17, 2019/ – Kazakhtelecom (Nur-Sultan), whose securities are officially 
listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE that the Specialized 
Inter-District Economic Court of the city of Nur-Sultan has instituted court 
proceedings on the lawsuit filed on July 11, 2019 "To invalidate and set aside 
Decision No. 6 dated March 1, 2019 of the Board of Directors of Kazakhtelecom JSC 
in part of denying by Bakhyt P. Dzhumabayev to repurchase shares due to the 
inclusion in the register of shareholders of the company after  00:00 hours of 
December 12, 2012; to obligate Kazakhtelecom JSC to make the  transaction on the 
repurchase of ordinary shares in the amount of 15,203 pcsc. from Bakhyt P. 
Dzhumabayev in accordance with the Method of determining the value of shares of 
Kazakhtelecom JSC in case of their repurchase by the Company, approved by Decision 
of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Kazakhtelecom JSC dated July 7, 2006".

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